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Personal Invitation!

invitationThis time I like to sent you a personal invitation for the first Masterclass with Tom Silver.


A three day training course with all you need to know about inductions. You will learn everything you need to know about inductions. I don’t have to tell you about the importance of a good and powerful induction, don’t I? A perfect timed, powerful and focused induction gives your client the opportunity to go quickly and deeply into the state of hypnoses. The deeper the state of hypnoses, the better the transformation will be. Isn’t this why your client came to see you?


Visualisation, Affirmation and Projection.


Tom will learn you to integrate these steps into your induction techniques. He is a MASTER in visualisation, affirmation and projection, that makes him such a powerful hypnotherapist. He will tell you how he was able to learn this, how he was able to really put in a lot of energy. What will it bring you? A lot of confidence!! After the 3 days you will master the induction techniques yourself. Everybody will go into hypnoses when you put a finger on them.

Visualisation and affirmation will be, from that moment on, your preparation to start the induction. The projection is the induction itself. Now you will be so focused. Now you will be able to use your energy. Now your client will easily let go of all the tensions. Look at the way Tom prepares himself, he times it so perfectly. That’s the real secret nobody will tell you and Tom will teach you how to do it. He will let you feel it and he will train you, so you will be able to built up that energy the way he does. It’s like throwing a ball of energy, projection!

Encounter a deep state of hypnoses yourself…diepetrance

Give yourself permission to experience a deep state of hypnoses during this training course..are you willing to let go of control?? Dutch people are so different then for instance American people. What I saw when I was over in the States is the ease with which the American people go deeply into hypnoses. Just one snap with your fingers and they are gone. Dutch people are very differently, they like to keep control. It means that we as hypnotists must be so powerful and so confident.

Just start with letting go of your control mechanism. See and feel what you need to do to let go. When you are able to do so, you will know exactly what to do with your client to let him encounter that deep state. During this three days you will get the opportunity to feel it yourself and to practice it on your fellow students. And they will know and tell when you where right on the dot!

And a special BONUS when you subscribe now…

We will raffle 3 hypnoses sessions of 30 minutes in a private setting with Tom Silver. Do you want you give yourself the opportunity to participate in this contest? Just subscribe before 01 September 2013!! Congratulations, Henk, Jos and Marianne for winning the free hypnoses session with Tom Silver.

An excellent opportunity to let go of a sabotage that is bothering you for a long time. With ERT® your life will change within those 30 minutes. There will be no time to waste. Tom shall take you direct to the core of your problem and after clarification of your challenges he will bring you with his famous induction techniques deeply into hypnoses. Are you ready to say goodbye to your sabotages? Subscribe now and compete for one of the three free hypnoses sessions. [/contentbox]

We will guarantee a exclusive training course in a small group!!

kleinegroepThe group consists of a maximum of 20 students. This will guarantee:

Enough question time!

Tom’s personal guidance!

Every detail of the induction techniques will be trained until you get a hang of it. Perfect visualisation, affirmation and projection. That ball of energy you throw out will be felt by all of us. Tom will let you hypnotize him, so he will be able to give you the feedback you need the most.

Subscribe now, because FULL=FULL, no exceptions…

What will you get when you join this unique Masterclass?[list style=”Check1green”]

  • 3 days training with coffee/tea/lovely lunches
  • Theory about rapid, shock, physical inductions
  • Prepare your client for the induction
  • Refresh and deepen your expertise
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Video recording of a induction you do on a student
  • Direct feedback from Tom!


Be prepared for the effect of a small group.  It will be very intensive and it will give you a boost in your confidence as a person and a boost in the growth of your business. The results will be amazing, your skills will improve.

Affirmation, visualization and projection, no escape. Everyone goes, after your induction, into a deep hypnoses. Only in that state immediate changes are possible: let go of fears, emotional blocks, addictions. Again the depth of hypnoses will determine the result of the session. Train yourself at the highest level, give yourself the opportunity and come to this 3-day Masterclass.

The only thing we ask from you is a open mind and focus on Tom’s techniques.

Are you ready for this training?

If you have attended a training course with Tom, you are warmly invited to join. TIP: Refresh yourself and read the manual you received before you come over.


If you have not followed a training with Tom, but did other hypnoses trainings? Please send me email. We will discuss together,  perhaps with Tom,  to see what your knowledge of hypnosis is and how capable you are in the techniques. I invite you to at least look at the five-day hypnosis training of Tom. Here he explains his ideas regarding hypnosis, he teaches you his famous shock inductions, ERT ® and much more. After following this 5-day hypnoses training you are more than ready to follow the Masterclass


Themes Masterclasses 2014:

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  • Neurofeedback with EEG
  • Pure Self Coach programm
  • ERT® refresher and deepening the technique





Practical Details:

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  • Masterclass from 12 till 14 December will cost €850.
  • You can pay in 12 installments of €85.
  • Training will be given in Jollesstraat 5, Arnhem, the Netherlands.
  • We start 10 am and ends at 5 pm.


Normal price € 1.497, now as a special offer € 850

We are looking forward to meet you again in December

Tom Silver and Narda Veugelers


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