A Tom Silver training free of charge??

wauwBlink again, yes it is possible; free training of Tom Silver. Last week I did sent you an email with the latest news about Tom Silver. When you weren’t able to read this messages or unfortunately didn’t receive the mail please feel free to check the information on the site.

What do you have to do to join free of charge?

The only thing I need from you is a list with three names on it. Due to your enthusiasm, the three people on the list have registered for the  5-days hypnoses training and/or the Masterclass in December via the website www.maximizeyourlife.nl. I will sent you an invitation when they subscribed to follow the course of your choice as a “Special Guest”. Totally free of charge!!

Let me know if you want to participate, I will then keep you informed about the promotion actitvities.

Warm Regards, Narda